Hewlett Chabad celebrates the holiday of trees

Women and girls celebrated Tu B’shvat, the holiday of the trees, at Chabad of Hewlett last month.


The Chabad of Hewlett’s Jewish Women’s Circle held its Tu B’shvat, the holiday of the trees, celebration at the Chabad House of Hewlett on Jan. 25. Women and girls from all different backgrounds came together to laugh, talk and have fun.

Participants were taught how to create fresh fruit bouquets by carving, and presenting the fruit in different ways. In addition, they learned about the holiday by playing an entertaining game.

Tu B’shvat is the season in which the earliest blooming trees in Israel begin a new fruit-bearing cycle. We mark the day of Tu B’shvat by eating fruit particularly from the types that are singled out by the Torah — such as dates — in its praise of the bounty of the Holy Land.