Celebrate the Lubavitcher Rebbe's leadership.
The Rebbe taught us that at times like this - with so many tragedies, pain, and uncertainties - it's time for us to add LIGHT!

The Rebbe launched the mitzvah campaigns, including Tefillin, Mezuzah, Candle lightings, and more mitzvot which are full of positivity, faith, and belief - encouraging every single Jew to add through actions of goodness and kindness. 

We are so glad to announce the founding of the:
Generously supported by Mr. Avi Karadi


This Foundation, funded by Mr. Avi Karadi will give a major push to all of the Rebbe's campaigns in our community.

The Foundation will sponsor anyone who encounters difficulties affording a pair of Tefillin or buying a Mezuzah, as well as supporting any other Jewish needs that will be requested.

For any requests please click here to fill out the form or email us at [email protected] and you will be assisted through the purchase and installation of your next Mitzvah.