Q: What is Chabad of Hewlett?



A: CoH strives to ensure Jewish continuity through increasing Jewish pride, knowledge and commitment. We work to overcome differences between Jews by creating a caring, non-judgemental environment.
We are the address for all your Jewish needs!



Q: I’m Jewish but not “orthodox” is CoH really for me?



A: Of course!  As a matter of fact CoH attracts more people who may not “label” themselves as “orthodox”.  All of our activities, services and programs, suit perfectly to any Jew “reform, conservative, orthodox, reconstructionist or unaffiliated”. 
CoH doesn't believe in “labels”. We are all Jews!




Q: How much is membership?


A: Nothing.  At CoH we do not believe in “pay-for-prayer” and therefore there are no mandatory fees.  In our eyes every Jew IS already a member and welcome to join us in any of our activities.  
We love when people just show up and feel at home.



Q:  Is there any other kind of “partnership”?


A: Yes. Through a monthly donation of: $360, $180, $120, $100, $75, $54, or $36, you become a full partner in CoH.  You can do this by clicking here. Bigger and smaller monthly amounts are also appreciated.


Q:  Are you supported by Chabad umbrella organizations?


A:   No. We do not receive any financial support from any Chabad umbrella organization.



Q:  So, who supports CoH activities?

A:  CoH is 100% locally funded by the Hewlett Community, by  individuals like you.

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