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We are open!!! 
Online - with daily classes, prayers and activities -  please see below.

Community Help 


Following Rabbi Tenenboim's call to do our best to stop the spread even more than the requirement. To ensure that our community is as protected as possible!

Russell & Miriam Shvartsshteyn of Nucare Pharmacy and Ocean Park Drugs pharmacy and Avi & Eliana Mordekovich donated masks and hand sanitizers to our community.

Please click here to fill in your info and we will let you know when to pick up.

Please indicate if you need someone to drop off at your house.

We miss you!  Thankfully, Rivkie, myself, and our family are doing well. Praying for so many who need our prayers.

We would like to remind you that we are here for you. And we are thinking of and praying for each and every one of you.

We plead you to stay home now and follow extreme social distancing, especially for the elderly.

If you need any help please let us know.

Thank you to all volunteers and supporters who are helping us to take care of our community’s spiritual and physical needs in these unprecedented, challenging times. 

Click here for a a list of names of members of our community AND THEIR FAMILY/FRIENDS WHO ARE SICK AND NEED OUR PRAYERS so that everyone can pray for them. You can add names of friends or family that you want the community to pray for.   

Jewish Kids Club!

Register now! Join the many Hewlett kids already enjoying an amazing program. 

Thanks to the devoted and loving teachers for an AMAZING PROGRAM! We hope you enjoy the surprise packages at your door!  

Chassid Dancing
Open to all Jewish Kids in Hewlett. (even if they participate in other after school/hebrew school programs.)  

Tuesday 4:00-5:30pm Pre-k - 5th grade. Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm - 6th-7th grade 

We are now offering it now FREE of charge due the challenging time, but registration is required.

Pre-Shabbat party
Shabbos songs, stories & activities!

Thursday 6pm 
ALL Kids ages 2- 10

 Live! Jewish Bedtime stories with Rivkie!

jewish star.gif

Wednesday 7:15pm- 7:45pm


Women Torah and Tea  


Wednesdays 8:15-9pm   

Pre Shabbat Inspiration
With Rabbi Tenenboim 

 Friday 7pm    

  Services times
Join us for virtual LIVE online prayer service!

Every weekday morning at 8:20 - 9 am (join even for a moment) 

Sunday 12 noon Tefillin Club

Every weekday evening 9- 9:30pm Torah and a  short service 
On Zoom

~Make sure your Mezuzahs are kosher. Call us to help you out.

~Make sure your children have a letter in a "Sefer Torah," Torah Scroll, if they don’t already. 
One is being written now for the health of the world in this current situation. Click here to sign up. 

~Give charity

~Light Shabbat candles

~Put on tefillin  

~Count the omer