Chanukah on Ice IS happening 

We are very excited to invite you to many Chanukah events that we are hosting this year:

1. Virtual BIG BOOK Storytime 

2. Dreidel Hot Cocoa Bombs Virtual Workshop 

3.  Annual Raffle

4. Hewlett Chanukah Project!

5. Chanukah block party! 

6. Menorah Lighting on Zoom

7. Chanukah on Ice

All details below 

Virtual Chanukah Storytime

With the the Chanukah BIG BOOK Author

Chanukah will come to life from the comfort of your home

If candles could speak brings the complete story of Chanukah to life

The Menorah's colored candles take you on a journey back in time as they share the miraculous story.

December 3 6:30pm  

Dreidel Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Interactive Zoom Workshop
Kits includes Silicone Dreidel Mold, Mini Marshmallows, Hot Cocoa, Chanukah Sprinkles and Piping bag

Kits $25 

December 7th 6:30 pm

Annual Hewlett Raffle

Support our Chabad & Win the Grand Prize

Although the Gala Dinner did not happen due to Covid-19, we will still be having our annual Raffle on Chanukkah.
If you haven't bought tickets yet, please click on this link.

A big thank you to all of our prize sponsors for their generous and beautiful gifts, those that win will not be disappointed!


Hewlett Chanukah Project!

Menorahs delivered to every doorstep!

Just like we did with Shavuot and Rosh Hashanah, we will be delivering packages to all the Jewish families in Hewlett.

Help spread the joy!

We will need many volunteers to help us with packing and delivering,  if you are interested please call Rabbi or Rivkie and join in the Mitzvah! Or click here to join the volunteers Whatsapp group 

Exciting Chanukah block party!

Chanukh like NEVER before!

This year we will be coming to the different blocks in Hewlett and celebrating with you, in a SAFE way.
We will be having Menorah lightings and individual packages of Latkes and Donuts!

 Please reach out to Rivkie at 917-575-3917 to arrange for your block to partake in this party! 


Menorah Lighting on Zoom

Light your menorah with your Chabad Family 

Come join us on zoom and do many activities with us while we light our menorah's for Chanukah


Chanukah on Ice

Ice Skating in a Safe and Health Conscious way 
If you are looking for a unique way to have some Chanukah fun this season, what could be more delightful than a combination of sparkling ice and a dazzling menorah?  

 Limited space and registration required.
Info will be provided upon registration

*All Covid regulations are being strictly adhered to

Stay tuned for more details and other event plans! 

Please help us celebrate Chanukah by sponsoring the events. If you would like to donate, please click the button below.