Shabbat.gif Join us for a warm, and inspirational Shabbat Services. where you can learn the Insights to the meaning of the prayer in a warm, friendly atmosphere. 

Whether you call it Shabbos, Sabbath or Shabbat, there is a place for you at Chabad! 

 All welcome regardless of affiliation, knowledge or level of observance. Shabbat Party.jpg

  Join us as we celebrate Shabbat with nosh, songs, Parsha Quiz, stories, RAFFLES & FUN! 

Saturday 10 am 

at Chabad of Hewlett

 All kids are welcome regardless of religious backgrounds, knowledge or level of observance.


 Please join us for our weekly Farbrengen / Kiddush every Saturday  11:30 AM (immediately following the service).

Our community lunch affords a collective opportunity to partake in a full course meal, to share the news of the week, relax into the Shabbat tempo, to have some L'chaim and enjoy the warmth and companionship that emanate from our community. 

Even if you cannot make it to services, come and be inspired for the rest of the week!


The Kiddish is sponsored on a volunteer basis by members of our community who may have a simcha to celebrate, a milestone to mark, or a family member they wish to honor.  Often the Kiddish is prepared simply to honor the Sabbath. To sponsored A Farbrengen / Kiddush Please contact us